Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beijing launches a new five-year plan

On June 19, CAI qi, Beijing communist party secretary of the doing report elaborated in the next five years working goal: to build the international first-class harmonious livable city, specific goals with seven "new" word, visible change in the next five years development in Beijing.
Previously, the new city master plan has been submitted in Beijing, Beijing is built appoint also released "Beijing 2017-2021 and 2021 annual housing land supply plan" and "Beijing 2017 state-owned construction land supply plan, cheap jerseysthe urban construction and development of a programmatic document, will be the future of Beijing city and patterns have a significant impact of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, deserve special attention.
Beijing new layout: one core, one primary, two axis multi-point zone
"Restructuring in order to promote urban function, deputy city center is a major function node begun to take shape, the comprehensive carrying capacity of new enhanced obviously, build" a nuclear a principal axes of a pair, two more area "of the urban space".
One core: capital function core area, namely dongcheng district, xicheng district.
One main: downtown area, namely city six district.
One: Beijing city deputy center.
Two axes: the central axis and its extension cord, chang 'an avenue and its extension cord.
More: 5 new towns in the plain area, namely shunyi, daxing, yizhuang, changping and fangshan new city.
Area: ecological conservation area. Other areas.
In the new pattern, the core areas and sub-centers are more prominent than the previous ones, and from the location of the new city, the pattern of Beijing's eastward development to the south is becoming more and more obvious.
At the same time, "old city" replaces the old city, and the merging of dongcheng and xicheng is expected. The current news is that the Beijing municipal government is expected to launch the relocation in the year, and the restructuring of the old city will be fully expanded.
And Beijing will build a comprehensive scientific and technological plateau, and fully grasp the construction of "three cities and one area".
"Three cities and one area" refers to zhongguancun science city, huairou science city, future science city and Beijing economic and technological development zone; This is to focus on the science city of zhongguancun, cheap snapback hatsbreak through huairou science city, and enliven the future science city.
The latter group was built by 15 central business groups. Last year, the group visited the group, and eight years ago, the industry did not rise, and the housing sold well. In addition, the status and importance of the development zone are not what they were.
Due to the shortage of new homes in the core and central areas, the demand for improved housing has been radiated in all directions in Beijing, and in five to ten years the increase in prices of different areas may be twice as large. Now, the price of new house in north six ring is basically flat with the east sixth ring, but there is still difference in the regional potential energy. In terms of transportation, supporting and other aspects, the potential of appreciation is very different.
As a result, most of the locations that have been recommended for the consulting group have been concentrated in the sub-center, the core area, the central city and the east and the south.
Five and a half million new homes have reshaped the urban landscape
On June 15, zou jinsong, deputy director of the Beijing housing and construction commission, said at a press conference that Beijing will stick to the new construction and inventory, and will build 1.5 million new homes in the next five years.
Beijing's housing security system has taken shape. Of the 150 new homes, there are 1 million property rights and 500,000 rental housing units. In the property rights category, there are about 700,000 commercial housing units, including 250,000 self-housing units, 250,000 improved commercial housing units and 200,000 sets of low-priced, small and medium-sized commodity houses.
In 2017 alone, about 70 percent of the 300,000 new homes will be in property rights, up from 210,000. Of the 21, 000 homes, there are 147,000 commercial units.
According to the plan, Beijing plans to supply 6,000 hectares of residential land in the next five years, wholesale jerseys chinaincluding 5,000 hectares of state-owned construction land and 1,000 hectares of collective construction land.
Downtown land supply is not higher than 20% of the total supply of land in the city, the supply main body is deputy city center, shunyi, daxing, e-town, changping and well new town, "tri-cities area within the scope of" accounted for more than 70% of the total land supply and land supply ecological its land supply is not higher than 15%.
Since April, Beijing to speed up by, the plan completion rate for the whole house is expected to reach 100% this year, once the new housing supply scale measures, at the same time and regulation policy of speculative investment demand, the crowding out of superposition can effectively curb the overheating in the market, a drop in the average house prices will be stable.
Some people will ask, the population of the future will be basically zero, the housing will increase by 1.5 million, can accommodate more than 4 million people, will Beijing still lack a room? It is therefore necessary to study the composition of the 1.5 million units and the plan for the land supply.
Rental housing 500000 sets, set up mainly to rent the housing guarantee system, rental, young age and public housing public housing pilot, one of the leading enterprises in Beijing in this respect, the young man working in Beijing and can't afford to buy a house in the future will not worry for the rent.
250000 sets of the type of commercial housing, which is geared to the needs of middle class or low welfare house, such as since last week to introduce the chaoyang district housing, cheap mlb hatsthe location is wonderful, and an average of only 22000, which is about a third the market price, as long as to buy a house in the future can get millions of value-added benefits.
From this point of view, the room ticket is the money ticket, with a house ticket, better than the hard work ten years.
There are 450,000 commercial housing units, and the distribution area deserves detailed analysis. Now on the open market of quite a number of land developed by enterprise, self-controlled, unable to form new supplies, in addition this year policy limit, part of a new delay in the market, in the short term is difficult to form supply. But it is expected that demand will ease this year.
Beijing has issued a new five-year plan and a major adjustment in the wealth landscape
Listen to feng guoliang talking about buying a house to keep up with new trends in wealth
Traffic improvement, metro planning changes regional value
In the next five years, many of Beijing's leading roads will be connected, and the suburbs and urban areas will be more convenient. The city's rail transit line will be more than 350 kilometers in the year, connecting the two major airports, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, and a number of intercity rail lines have been built or will soon be built. The distance between Beijing and the central Beijing area will be greatly reduced, which will profoundly affect the regional value.
Ten years ago, in all kinds of BBS, the "subway one ring, golden two gold", the fact is also true, such as after the opening of line 4, daxing and western city realized the same city, then the area housing price shot up. It can be said that where the rail transit is built, the housing price will increase accordingly. Next we will do a special research on rail transit line.
The population and quality education healthcare industry are facing a new adjustment
Beijing "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" plan for the Beijing population control points and annual plans, cheap nfl jerseyscity 6 areas the population of permanent residents in 2014 on the basis of reduce 2-3% a year, falling by 15% to 2020.
In order to evacuate the population, the population will be reduced from the source to the central urban population, and more efforts are expected in the future. High-quality education medical industry matching is an important factor to attract people. It is also an important basis for housing price. The transfer of the population and high-quality education medical treatment to the suburban areas is the new driving force of the regional property market.
There are historic opportunities for tongzhou and xiong
In terms of development planning, the largest future improvement is in tongzhou. In addition to the city east, plan to undertake urban population of 400000, the west city of high quality education and the medical support tongzhou, in particular, tongzhou modern industrial base and shunyi, and with the CBD construction, is expected to appear in the next five years quality.
Male Ann district construction are also mentioned in the report important position, and industrial concentration and popularity also need time together to form scale effect, over five years in Beijing property market is difficult to have a material impact.
City planning in Beijing has been reorganized for 15 years
June Beijing municipal party committee plenary session discussed by the Beijing city master plan (2016-2030) (SongShenGao), march had to ask for some advice, planning exhibition hall to watch the day exhibition, specially to hold a seminar for later analysis.
In previous lectures, I have repeatedly said that urban planning determines the direction of wealth, and the overall adjustment of the urban pattern also means a great transfer of social wealth.
Millions of population and hundreds of thousands of million resources flow of space and time will deeply influence the future new pattern of regional wealth, whether to buy or not, therefore, urban development and transformation of wealth redistribution are hard to avoid, and will more than earned income.
Where house prices will go up, as long as the house can make money, it is still quite a few people's existing thinking. In the second half of last year, I had a hunch that the situation would change, and now it has become a reality.
On Saturday, the study group visited fengtai, which will be detailed separately. Without investigation, we will not have a say. In the second half of the year, Cheap wholesale jerseyswe will continue to visit the districts and counties of Beijing and Beijing. We will learn more about regional development planning and investment value through field visits.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


It has been three months since my wife quitted her job as a saleswoman, to be honest, she didn't get a good performance in this line, cheap mlb hatson the contrary, a bad performance she got than others. But, she seemed like having enough courage to do her best in order to verify she could do better in sales, she may realize that she lacked necessary skills, she just didn't want to admit it. After all, sales were a new territory to her, when she made the decision that she wanted to involve this line, it was meant to a high risk and it may totally differ from somebody said that could make pretty high incomes. I kindly reminded her that she may not be good at sales, be herself as a technical specialist was enough. But, my wife never put my words in her mind. As she said, she promised herself one year for trying. If she failed to succeed in sales, she will go back her original track forever. I agreed with her said, meanwhile, I had a little worry about if she could go back her position when she returned her former job. After all, there will be many changes in one year.
     On the other hand, cheap nfl jerseysI didn't want to frustrate her with my words and I did hope she could do better on her new territory. Fighting!

Off to See the World

The world is like a giant book. Each country is a chapter and each city is a page. I just wish, if unable to read it through, cheap jerseysat least in my rest of life, one day I could finish the most part of this book. There’s always a drifter living in my heart. Off to see the world, there’s so much to see. Only a month to go before our next family summer trip. And I just can’t wait!

My husband and I hold different opinions regarding travelling. He prefers more to a vacation, things like a beach holiday. Spend a couple of days hanging around the beach, doing nothing more excited than swimming, lying on the beach or reading a book. It’s great for me, but sometimes it’s just not enough. I want to explore the world, to experience different life, to visit places with history and stories. Each time when I come back from such kind of journey, I felt like a bit different, adding here, deleting there. Of course a travel usually costs more energies and planning than a vacation. cheap snapback hatsYou need to do a lot of homework in advance---here I am not just talking about hotel booking.
This summer holiday we plan to visit Kansi, Japan. It takes me a lot of time to plan this trip. I have to understand it’s complex public transportation system, choose a wise route, decide which places to visit and which hotel to stay. It’s a difficult work, so many things to consider. But it’s not all the things I’ve done. I’ve always tried to learn more about the places I’m going to visit---the story, the people, the history. I’ve learned this from one of my colleagues, who loves travelling so much that basically his WeChat moments are his travel book series. I find this habit very useful. Although my husband always mocks me about that, saying that I’ve turn a thing supposed to be fun and light into an academic research. He can’t understand about the pure pleasure out of it. The more you’ve learned about a place, wholesale jerseys, the more alive the place would become to when you finally got there. Your imaginations would lead you back to the time when the legends began at the right spot you were just stepping in. It’s really an amazing experience.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How wonderful

When the spurs are in the top 25 in the first game, a lot of people think the spurs have a chance to win. But for 54 seconds to 7 points in the third quarter, cheap ncaa jerseysLeonard baseline jumpers, but Mr Chu in the clear there is a small steps forward support action, as a direct result of Leonard sprained his foot 90 degrees, after to stay off the ball, small card is returned to the dressing room
As a result, the warriors completed a 25-point reversal, and the importance of the small card to the spurs, which he won 26 points and eight rebounds in three quarters. The little card has been out of the game for two games and will almost never come back, and the series, which was widely expected, has lost its meaning and its suspense
Nobody knows what Mr Chu in how serious the foot, he destroyed the spurs this season, his feet, and the failure of the spurs all summer signings, his feet, killing the whole heart
In the 14-15 season, the spurs entered the postseason with a sixth in the west, the first round in the playoffs against the clippers in the first round of the playoffs, cheap soccer jerseysand the two sides fought to the seventh game, eventually being killed by Paul. In that season, the spurs seemed to be in a strong and short form, as Duncan, parker, and ginobili were old and had no previous dominance. The spurs signed the most famous free agent aldridge in the off-season. They had a record of 67 wins over the next season, but the warriors' 73 wins over the season completely covered them up. SAN Antonio was in the western conference semifinals of the western conference
In that season, CAM became the dominant figure in the post-duncan era, a form of succession that ultimately belongs to the young
Offseason Duncan announced retirement, the end of the 19 years of the spurs, because he thought the time is right, cheap MLB Hatsthe spurs have a small card and lamarcus aldridge, double DE together in a year, and a small card is one of the league's top small forward, but also brought the big gasol, David Li Hedai demond, also emerges the Murray, Anderson, simmons these promising young man, parker, ginobili, can also glows green
Arguably, the spurs of this season are the most powerful spurs of the last few years, and they have the strength and the warriors to do it. In their opening game with a 129-129 road victory over the warriors, 61-21 in the regular season, ranked second in the west, to eliminate the grizzlies and rockets playoff respectively, and join forces with the warriors, we thought we would see a series of Mars hit the earth
Perhaps this is fate, perhaps the fate of the post-duncan spurs
The spurs had almost no difficulty in making a transition and were so successful. The spurs this season is almost over, gave the fans how much regret, accidentally injured when parker rejuvenation, when ginobili block the harden shot, cheap nba hatshow much we still have chance to see such a scene, even ginobili will retire next season is an open question
The series was an unfair game, and no one would question the spurs' greatness. This is the SAN Antonio spurs the 20th consecutive season into the playoffs, the spurs is the most let a person respect team league, not even one of the spurs system of the coaches and the whole country, the spurs' success is no accident, it is a delegate with popovich SAN Antonio team tactics and cultural system, is unique in the NBA. The spurs' special is that they have the stars but I do not rely solely on superstar, everyone in the team the opportunity, everyone could become the terminator, green, simmons, Leonard is the best example
No team can like the spurs become the evergreen tree every year, some teams will choose bad, superstar, cheap nfl fitted hatsintroduced some teams will choose, in order to rapidly improve the competitiveness of the team, compared with the instant culture, only the SAN Antonio spurs, against the background, by strict discipline, and desire for victory, perennial championship contenders, they are the disappoint some of our alliance of a desire
Let's all wish the spurs, the blessing small card, bless gregg popovich, because after all, the spurs changed generation understanding of basketball, cheap nfl snapback hatshope the spurs can strong to return next season

When your coach is called popovich

There are many levels of conflict between NBA players and coaches. We saw a lot of good managers and good players in the NBA. For example, cheap mlb jerseysiverson and brown, like deron and Sloan. But some people say there are two kinds of coaches in the NBA, one called popovich and one other.
Before the warriors and Cleveland's third battle, popovich said in an interview that Leonard would miss a third fight. Popovich's quote: "after all, it's my decision, and he's not afraid to play, but he's not ready, so we're not going to let him in.
Just a few words, popovich took all this responsibility and pressure on himself. And in on the key battle popovich can still from the perspective of players healthy, even in Leo's active well-documented cases, still tough turned him down, because the spurs will not impact a finals quota of people, and the hope, but the next few years the health of the core team.
When your coach is called popovich, cheap nba jerseyshe won't give up on you
The spurs are a team that plays by the system, and many of the players in the SAN Antonio spurs are in league and other teams may not get the chance to play. In SAN Antonio, as long as you keep trying no matter in the bench to sit for a year, two years popovich can always think of you, and at the right time to give you the opportunity to soar.
When your coach is called popovich, he will dare you to make a big deal
The spurs' maryanovitch is not a young player who was used by popovich as a secret weapon. This year the pistons with a three-year, $21 million for his salary, popovich understand his age is large, if it is impossible to stay at the SAN Antonio spurs get so much money. So he made maryanovitch go to the volcano, because popovich knew that there was not much chance of a player having a big contract in his career.
When your coach is called popovich, nfl jerseys cheaphe will ask you hard, but he will take you to play
Gregg popovich is very strict to the requirement of the player, it can be said that on the pitch he is a strict strict teacher, but he was also a present that is very amiable and like the old man, in his eyes, basketball is basketball. Life is life, so the spurs became the NBA, the most frequent team to participate in community activities, not one. We often see the first day of the SAN Antonio spurs, and the next day the whole team goes to the community to take part in the public service. It's the spurs!
May have no way to beat the spurs in the playoffs warrior, or, perhaps, the spurs can't formed a powerful lineup over the years to challenge the finals, but we all know that as long as popovich in, as long as his team thought continuation, cheap nhl jerseysthe spurs can still become the lynchpins of teams.

Six will be renewed

Swept 4-0 in the warriors, the spurs ended the journey of the season, coach gregg popovich in some depressed and have a busy summer of experience, under the authority of his numerous war will become a free agent in the summer, cheap nfl jerseysthe spurs are facing reshuffle. The spurs' goal is to continue to shock the championship, of course, but in the west is now the mighty for three consecutive years in the west of the big MAC, gregg popovich has become difficult.
The spurs' top priority this summer is the possibility that the ginobili contract expires. Popovich made a special arrangement for ginobili in the fourth battle with a point of departure. Ginobili, who has spent most of his career playing the sixth man, finishes his last game in the form of a starter. However, ginobili didn't really say he was going to retire. Manu said it would take three weeks to think about it. Gregg popovich said after the game, this may be ginobili's final game, but may not be, he said ginobili also spend some time to think about what is best for him and family.
That means the spurs still have a chance to persuade ginobili to renew his contract. At the end of the game, the spurs fans shouted, "manu, another year!" This is the heart of all spurs fans. Of course, if the spurs are going to convince ginobili, cheap snapbacksthe team must build a team that hopes to bring down the warriors.
Popovich said manu was also considering whether to retire.
Field fans have called for manu to play another year.
Jonathan simmons and mills will be completely free agents, wouldn't they be fierce pursuit from other teams, especially in the playoffs this year value simmons. Simons, who has a good defensive ability and a better offensive performance, averaged 10.4 points in the playoffs.
The spurs' main player salary.
If ginobili retires, simons is the sixth best successor to the spurs. However, simmons could be fired more than $10 million a year, which would make it harder for the spurs to renew his contract. Mills are averaging 10.1 points in the playoffs this year, and the team needs to keep the bench burning.
In addition, the SAN Antonio spurs in pau gasol, diamond and David lee three inside, all has the player option in the summer, wholesale nfl jerseysyou can choose to become completely free agent out of the contract. Demond is almost certain to jump out of a contract with a year of $303,000, and he has done well this season and is expected to more than double his annual salary. Pau gasol's contract for next season is $16.2 million, and he's a big change, and if he becomes a free agent, he won't be able to get an equal salary, but it will be a long time.
Gasol hasn't played much in the spurs this season, and if he wants to play for longer, he may choose to be a free agent. Gasol and lamarcus aldridge big-man combination was not a success this season, if gasol leaves, the spurs can pursue a blue-collar center, reassure lamarcus aldridge play power forward. As for David lee, who is also likely to jump out of the $1.161 million contract this season, he is still a very practical substitute, worth more than the annual salary.
If gasol doesn't jump out of the contract, the spurs will have a total salary of about $88m, with a salary cap of nearly $20 million. League all-star players signing new contracts now salary is more than $25 million, cheap nfl hatsthe spurs to reinforcing point guard position, but the pursuit of Paul or lowry and no salary competitiveness, but also the expected difference between him and more. After all, the spurs need to renew simmons and mills, and it's best to sign a New Deal.
For the spurs, assuming that gasol jump out of the present contract sharply cut or choose to leave, so the spurs cap space will be more easy, have the opportunity to add a big players, such as to persuade Paul or lowry take less money to join the SAN Antonio spurs. , of course, the SAN Antonio spurs squad for next season are hard to match warriors on talent, but this team has always been on the team combat, they used to beat overheating fire three, cheap jerseys, if the spurs in the summer is suitable for the players, the team style next season is expected to be a stronger challenge against golden state.

Monday, May 15, 2017

the tip of the chain

 Actually my long-term evaluation ideology being challenged or collapsed that time that the business cooperation largely depends on the "resources" or "people connection". Yes, cheap mlb hats, i agree that my boss is very good at in dealing business negotiation and experienced in knowing or finding the right angle to mediate which upgrades my views or skills along my way. And i also saw that girl very average with a high-ranking identity due to a good father. No, you are wrong, i may be a little envious but never cynical. Frankly that girl has a very modest and mature way during the whole business negotiation.
    Look at what i have got? A battered soul and a thorny, bemused way in front of me.
    I am writing the blog also to figure out what i will be going on.
    Yes, this is the best time of the era. The new mode of retailing in combination of "online +offline". Everyone is having a chance to be ahead in this choppy billow. New media merging, risk capital firing turmoil the torrential.
    What i want to do, it is very hard to answer also very easy to answer.--A controller.
    How could i be? What should i improve?
    Yes, subdivide what i lack and muster what i should master.
    Yes,  get down to business.
    Accumulation a very tough way, cheap nfl jerseys, no one assure you that you are certain to success. But envisage what you should do, then do it.
    The fruit everyone wants to bite, but never in daydream.